We wrote to Sainsbury’s because they overcharged me £1.70

I had a moment of shock recently when I visited my local Sainsbury’s to buy a lunchtime £3 meal deal, and found I had actually been charged £4.70. Bruno then had to inform me that if you use the self-service checkout, you have to finish scanning, go to pay, then press go back before the discount is applied. Seems intuitive right? A quick google search has found I am not alone in being caught out by this.

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We have written to Snickers to ask about their nuts. Oh, and their involvement with the illuminati.

One thing we have learned in our time as super-professional and amazing complaint writers, is that there are pretty much only a handful of companies in the world that control all of the brands we know and love. And all of those companies are controlled by the illuminati. I definitely did not make that last bit up, but I have misplaced the source I had to support my comments.

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We have just given Nike some business advice.

You may have heard that the new England shirt for the world cup is going to be £90. Even famous-for-being-posh-and-rich David Cameron thinks it’s expensive.

All is not lost, the geniuses at Nike have said you can buy a “stadium shirt” for just £60. I don’t know what a stadium shirt is, but apparently it is not the same one as the players will be losing the World Cup in.

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