A look back on a load of stupidity

I’m not in the business of making excuses (I definitely am), but the fact we last updated this page in August 2014 probably needs explaining.  Would you accept that I lost the site down the back of the sofa? My dog ate it? Obviously I’m joking.  The truth is that I sold the site to a witch doctor to cure the pain after I stubbed my little toe.  Either way, here we are back again!

To signal our return to mildly annoying businesses around the world, I’ve put together a little look back on all the posts we’ve made before, as we had a pretty good run if I don’t say so myself.  Click the links to see the original posts!

The Letters

You won’t get this kitten in your biscuits, despite our best efforts.

We started setting the world to rights when I let the Quaker Oats company know their lacklustre showing of chocolate chips in my breakfast was going to cost me my job.  Obviously my tale touched the guys at Quaker as they responded with some vouchers.  Suddenly we were hooked.

Some other highlights include telling McVitie’s we were disappointed to learn you didn’t actually get free kittens with each back of biscuits, or asking Manchester City Council for help understanding our Mancunian colleague’s accent.

Things got a little sci-fi when we wrote to the UK Space Agency with a letter from the future.  Some (not us) might argue we got a little above our station when we offered Facebook the opportunity to buy our site for £2billion, which we still feel a pretty reasonable offer.

The Replies

Ice Cream Chewits DO exist.

On a regular basis our letters get outdone by the replies we receive from the people we write to.  A special mention has to go to Chewits, who sent us a whole bunch of treats, including sweets, a cook book and a bag.  Did I mention their letter was written by a freakin’ dinosaur?  Read their response here.

Innocent Smoothies encouraged their customers to write to them with gossip, which obviously we did.  Afterwards, they sent us a great handwritten reply with some vouchers.

Innocent even wrote hello in a bird.

Cadbury’s didn’t send us the Creme Eggs we had asked for, but did compliment us on the risks we had taken to eat ours in the most dangerous ways possible in their response.

Even BIC got in on the action, sending us some pens after we complained ours had run out.

Possibly one of the weirdest answers came from Sainsbury’s, who rang me (I have no idea how they got my number) and I had to awkwardly explain my letter complaining about being overcharged was just a joke.

Now we are back!

We try not to talk about this post featuring Hugh Morris anymore.

It took a while but I finally managed to convince that witch doctor to give us our site back.  Wait, that is the story I went with right?  Whatever lie I told, the truth is me and Bruno are back and ready to start writing out to right the wrongs we see in the world.

If you have any suggestions on who we can contact, you speak to us on twitter, facebook, instagram or by commenting below.

And remember, we encourage people to complain directly to us – if you do we will post our response on here!

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