A look back on a load of stupidity

I’m not in the business of making excuses (I definitely am), but the fact we last updated this page in August 2014 probably needs explaining.  Would you accept that I lost the site down the back of the sofa? My dog ate it? Obviously I’m joking.  The truth is that I sold the site to a witch doctor to cure the pain after I stubbed my little toe.  Either way, here we are back again!

To signal our return to mildly annoying businesses around the world, I’ve put together a little look back on all the posts we’ve made before, as we had a pretty good run if I don’t say so myself.  Click the links to see the original posts!

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We are trying to sell Snack a Jacks a revolutionary marketing idea.

You know when you open a seemingly packed-to-the-brim snack and find you have actually paid for a bag full of air with a tiny smattering of food? I think we’ve all been there. Well we here at Stupid Stuff Towers think companies like Snack a Jacks should be utilising this to sell their product to the masses.

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We wrote to the Welsh FA to explain why we rejected their job offer on Football Manager

I like to think we do a great service when we write our letters, as we make sure we always provide constructive criticism. For this reason, when I was offered the job of manager of the Wales National Football Team on Football Manager, I felt it would be best to let the head of the Welsh FA, Trefor Lloyd-Hughes, know why I had to turn them down.

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We wrote to Sainsbury’s because they overcharged me £1.70

I had a moment of shock recently when I visited my local Sainsbury’s to buy a lunchtime £3 meal deal, and found I had actually been charged £4.70. Bruno then had to inform me that if you use the self-service checkout, you have to finish scanning, go to pay, then press go back before the discount is applied. Seems intuitive right? A quick google search has found I am not alone in being caught out by this.

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We have written to Snickers to ask about their nuts. Oh, and their involvement with the illuminati.

One thing we have learned in our time as super-professional and amazing complaint writers, is that there are pretty much only a handful of companies in the world that control all of the brands we know and love. And all of those companies are controlled by the illuminati. I definitely did not make that last bit up, but I have misplaced the source I had to support my comments.

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We have just given Nike some business advice.

You may have heard that the new England shirt for the world cup is going to be £90. Even famous-for-being-posh-and-rich David Cameron thinks it’s expensive.

All is not lost, the geniuses at Nike have said you can buy a “stadium shirt” for just £60. I don’t know what a stadium shirt is, but apparently it is not the same one as the players will be losing the World Cup in.

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