BIC have replied to our stupid letter!

You may recall we recently wrote to BIC to let them know our pen had run out. Well we have a reply!

I arrived home to find a package awkwardly stuffed through the post-box (cheers postman!).

Here’s what was inside (click to enlarge):

How best to fix a broken pen? With 6 new ones! We like to think they have a complaints team which have to decide how many pens each problem was worth. It must have been a long deliberation before they decided we had a 6 pen problem. I wonder what you need to have happen to get 10 pens? I dread to think. If you can think of a 10 pen problem, let us know in the comments below!

I also like to imagine the team at BIC spend so long testing pens, the only way they know how to write is with the “test squiggle” you do with a new pen, hence the signature!

Either way – we love free stuff! Thanks BIC!

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