Cadbury’s replied to our stupid letter in a great way.

You may recall that I recently wrote a stupid letter to Cadbury’s. I had complained about the great lengths I had to go to in order to prove I ate Creme Eggs in the most interesting way.

It’s been a while and I had given up on getting a reply…until I opened the post and saw this sticking out:

I opened it excitedly – the reply is the best part of writing stupid letters to companies!

Here is their reply

Here is a transcript:

Dear Mr Goldswain

Thank you for your letter regarding Cadbury Creme Eggs. We were all very impressed in the office by the great lengths to which you have strived in order to out-do your fellow ‘Creme Eggers’; you are truly a dedicated group of individuals.

Whilst Cadbury cannot condone lowering oneself into a live volcano, or wrapping one’s body in raw meat whilst in close proximity to a pack of hungry lions, and would wish to prevent harm coming to any one of our dedicated customers, because of the hundreds of requests for samples, vouchers and coupons that we receive each year, it is our company policy not to send them out.

Also, sending samples through the mail can sometimes mean that the product will arrived damaged and therefore would not be a good representation of our great products, but I imagine that is the least of your worries when facing the lions.

I am sorry we are unable to be more positive on this occasion, but thank you for taking the time to contact us and wish you all the best in your future Creme Egg endeavours.

Yours Sincerely,

Padgraig Allen
Consumer Relations Team

What a reply! Although I would love to be eating Creme Eggs whilst writing this, I have to say Padgraig has knocked it out of the park with this letter. Good job Cadbury’s!

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