Chewits have replied! Spoiler alert: The reply is amazing.

You may remember we wrote to Chewits to find out if they really sold an ice cream flavour (definitely check it out if you haven’t already). Well, Chewits blew us away with their reply!

We got a lot of stuff, so get ready for a lot of photos. I’ll start with the letter (click to enlarge):

We have officially received our first letter from an actual dinosaur. What more could we want! Well, to start with, they included some Ice Cream Flavour Chewits to prove they existed:

And some sour flavour ones to compare the glorious taste:

That’s not all! We also got a recipe book which makes all sorts of goodies with Chewits in it!

Bruno is absolutely loving life after getting put back in touch with his long-lost Ice Cream Chewits. They have really set the bar on this one – nice one guys!

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