Innocent Drinks replied to our letter in the best way possible.

You may remember we recently wrote to Innocent Drinks – if you don’t, it’s going to be worth you clicking here and reading our letter! They had asked us for any juicy gossip, and we wrote to them with just that. We had high hopes for this one, as Innocent are just as known for their way with words as much as they are for their drinks. They did not let us down.
This little guy was on the envelope I received today:

Inside, it get’s even better – this is the back of the postcard they sent us:

And this is the main message:

It reads


We think you should TRUST FRANK, try not to get nutted by Kayleigh and treat yourself to a smoothie on us.

Hope you have a proper juicy day,


What a great reply! We love the style they have gone for and the sweet doodles! They have also picked up on our friend Kayleigh being able to hurt us without even trying.

That’s not all, we also got these!:

The terms and conditions on the back state to only use them on Innocent products and “It must not be used to gain a saving on any other product. Not even those fancy spats you’ve had your eye on.”

You’ve done yourselves proud, Innocent Drinks – we here at Stupid Stuff I Do salute you!

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