Reasons why I love China

About 2 weeks ago I ordered a capo for my guitar from a shady-looking seller on the Amazon marketplace. Knowing what a capo is doesn’t really affect your understanding of this article, but if you are desperate to learn, you can check out the wikipedia article for an explanation. What is important to know is that I paid less than £2 for one from China and then proceeded to forget I had ordered it.

I had a parcel today and found this guy inside, proudly proclaiming that it was made in China:

If I am completely honest, I don’t think I needed to be told that this was made in China, due to what was written on the back:

Professional Quality! Good fun achievements! If I am honest, this alone could have made my day. But the Chinese had another trick up their sleeve. Inside the packaging, I found this:

For no reason whatsoever, there was also this small green plastic apple – which had a secret!

It is a peeler! Which bears no similarity with a guitar capo, other than they are both made of cheap plastic and are made in China. I am not moaning of course, it is little things like this that really make me want to go out there and make professional quality, good fun achievements.

Keep up the good work China, and never change.

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