A look back on a load of stupidity

I’m not in the business of making excuses (I definitely am), but the fact we last updated this page in August 2014 probably needs explaining.  Would you accept that I lost the site down the back of the sofa? My dog ate it? Obviously I’m joking.  The truth is that I sold the site to a witch doctor to cure the pain after I stubbed my little toe.  Either way, here we are back again!

To signal our return to mildly annoying businesses around the world, I’ve put together a little look back on all the posts we’ve made before, as we had a pretty good run if I don’t say so myself.  Click the links to see the original posts!

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I love Creme Eggs, so I wrote a stupid letter to Cadbury.

s that time of year where Creme Eggs are on display at every shop and you can’t help but want to eat one after the other in a gooey feeding frenzy. Just me? Oops. I have one motto in life, and that is “don’t juggle with knives”. Wait, what? That isn’t it. I remember now, it’s “free food tastes better”. So I am determined to get some Creme Eggs, so did what I do best and wrote a stupid letter!

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