We wrote to the Welsh FA to explain why we rejected their job offer on Football Manager

I like to think we do a great service when we write our letters, as we make sure we always provide constructive criticism. For this reason, when I was offered the job of manager of the Wales National Football Team on Football Manager, I felt it would be best to let the head of the Welsh FA, Trefor Lloyd-Hughes, know why I had to turn them down.

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We have just given Nike some business advice.

You may have heard that the new England shirt for the world cup is going to be £90. Even famous-for-being-posh-and-rich David Cameron thinks it’s expensive.

All is not lost, the geniuses at Nike have said you can buy a “stadium shirt” for just £60. I don’t know what a stadium shirt is, but apparently it is not the same one as the players will be losing the World Cup in.

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