We wrote to Tesco because they really ‘cheesed’ us off.

We love our readers here at Stupid Stuff I Do, so when someone comes to us with a complaint, we will do all we can to pick up the gauntlet for them and sort out their problem. You know, if you think two idiots writing a letter for you will sort out your problem. When I got to work a few days ago, my mate Dave rushed over with a tale so sad, I just had to get my fingers typing to Tesco.

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Innocent Drinks replied to our letter in the best way possible.

You may remember we recently wrote to Innocent Drinks – if you don’t, it’s going to be worth you clicking here and reading our letter! They had asked us for any juicy gossip, and we wrote to them with just that. We had high hopes for this one, as Innocent are just as known for their way with words as much as they are for their drinks. They did not let us down. Continue reading

Innocent Drinks wanted to know if we had any ‘juicy gossip’, so we wrote to them with some.

Innocent Drinks are known for writing the most random things on their labels, which is great for us because since starting this site, we spend lots of time reading packaging. Not because we are losers with too much spare time! It’s for our letters. I promise.

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I wrote a letter to McVitie’s because I had kittens when I saw their new advert.

I think it’s safe to say that as a true Englishman, I take pride in my love for biscuits. This is why I was over the moon to be given an opportunity to write to McVitie’s (they better send vouchers!). According to their latest advertising, opening a packet of McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives is akin to opening a packet containing a group of small kittens.

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We asked Manchester council for help understanding our friend from Manchester.

Our good friend Lee left our office recently for pastures new, so in his honour, Bruno wrote to Manchester City Council for help deciphering his Mancunian accent. I think it is important at this stage to mention that we absolutely love Manchester and please don’t hurt us as we are quite weak and bruise like peaches.

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The UK Space Agency are going to get a letter from the future.

If there is something here at Stupid Stuff I Do we value the most, it is honesty. So you will have to completely trust us when we say Bruno’s descendants are still writing letters in the year 3056. You need proof? That is fair. All the proof you need is this letter which was sent from the year 3056 which has travelled through space-mail back to the present (past?) to ask much needed questions of the head of the UK Space Agency, Dr David Parker, regarding time travel.

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I sent a complaint to Walker’s Crisps today.

I moved desks at work recently. No big deal. Until I opened my new chest of drawers! It was a cornucopia of delights, including (but not limited to):

  • A bright blue feather duster.
  • A used Subway card.
  • A stapler AND staple remover (jackpot).
  • A man’s jacket.

My day could not get any better. Except it did! I rooted around some more and came across some Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli flavour Walker’s Sun Bites crisps. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say this was the best day of my life. I proceeded to show every single person in the office the contents of my newly found chest of drawers, and it became quite the attraction.

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10 things that can irritate an Englishman.

Your average Englishman may appear to have a high tolerance for irritation, but under that calm exterior and stiff upper-lip, rages an anger at the simplest of details. You are trained from a young age to not let anything get in the way of politeness, even in the face of extreme rudeness, despite how great it would make you feel. Read on for 10 things which have the capacity to ruin the day of an Englishman. You have been warned.

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