The UK Space Agency are going to get a letter from the future.

jetsonsIf there is something here at Stupid Stuff I Do we value the most, it is honesty. So you will have to completely trust us when we say my descendants are still writing letters in the year 3056. You need proof? That is fair. All the proof you need is this letter which was sent from the year 3056 which has travelled through space-mail back to the present (past?) to ask much needed questions of the head of the UK Space Agency, Dr David Parker, regarding time travel.

Here is the letter (click to enlarge):

Dear Dr Parker,

I am writing to you from the future. I trust the date that I have stated above will serve has adequate proof of this.

Given your position within the UK Space Agency, I will assume that you are already aware that time travel is possible and will not spend time explaining its intricacies. Please allow me to assure you though, that this correspondence is in line with all codes set out in Earth One’s ‘Time-Space Initiative, October 2098’ and guidelines set out by yourselves in January 3031.

I write this late as – although he doesn’t know it yet – my ancestor (Bruno III) would like some questions answered. I am sure you will appreciate that I am unable to inform you as to the nature of Bruno III’s involvement in creating a working space/time travel machine, however assure you that if his questions are not answered by yourselves, the future of all time and space COULD be in jeopardy – there is no way to say for sure if this will be the case, although I trust you agree that nobody wants to find out.

Please find the time to respond to these questions:
1) How big is space? (Please compare it to something similar in size or magnitude).
2) How long is a piece of string?
3) Immediately after time began, what was the time?
4) Does ‘Doctor Who’ qualify as documented proof that the British Broadcasting Company were in possession of TARDIS technology as early as 1964?
5) Have you ever been to space?
6) How accurate do you believe ‘Futurama’ will serve as a representation of the future?

Bruno III can be contacted at his 2014 address, which was:


As I am from the future, I already have a copy of your response, and so will write to Bruno III the day before he received your letter so that he will be aware of what your response is in relation to. Feel free to write to him as if he has written this letter – which he has definitely not, as this letter irrefutably came from the future (Please see date above).

Yours sincerely,

Bruno XV
Space Ranger
Universe Protection Unit

It is important that we get a reply – not just for the site, but for the future of time travel.