The UK Space Agency tweeted us, so we wrote to them again.

It’s not often you get tweeted by a national space agency, so it’s something we felt quite proud of here at Stupid Stuff I Do. For some context, you may want to read our letter to the UK Space Agency, sent from the future.

If we are completely honest, we have been somewhat disappointed the UK Space Agency chose not to reply to our letter, as it has been one of the most popular ones we have sent so far. In fact, we were so disappointed we took to social media to tweet about the subject, to which we received an unexpected reply:

Finally, we have discovered life at the UK Space Agency! We immediately felt a further letter was required:

Read our letter here (click to enlarge):

Dear Dr Parker,

I wrote to you on 15 January 2014 claiming to have been writing from the future. You’re eagle eyed Twitter operative noticed that in fact I had written that silly letter looking for a creative or funny response to post on my site – – and on 04 March 2014 ‘tweeted’ me accordingly.

I regret my actions and must confess that I have never been to the future. In fact, I often struggle to be present in the “here and now”.

Please accept my apologies for misleading you, and trust that if I ever do master time travel you will be the very first person I inform. I may even let you take the credit, although I don’t have access to any ‘sciency’ tools, I’d have thought that the device I invest will be quite primitive. Maybe I could show it to you and you can have some real scientists create a better version? This is of course all speculation at this point, as I am not currently at an advanced stage of research. I appreciate your involvement in this project though; it gives me a certain drive to push forward.

I really hope that we can be friends again after my betrayal of your trust as I admire the work you do policing the space above the UK. I hope that one day, after this whole saga is behind us, I may even be able to join your ranks.

My main point for writing to you and making my confession is that I would really appreciate if you could provide answers to the questions I posted (under the veil of a lie) in my previous letter.

In order that you don’t need to retrieve my previous letter from the recycling, I have included those questions once again:

1) How big is space? (Please compare it to something similar in size or magnitude).
2) How long is a piece of string?
3) Immediately after time began, what was the time?
4) Does ‘Doctor Who’ qualify as documented proof that the British Broadcasting Company were in possession of TARDIS technology as early as 1964?
5) Have you ever been to space?
6) How accurate do you believe ‘Futurama’ will serve as a representation of the future?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I appreciate that you have more important and pressing matters to attend to – such as arresting aliens that have landed in the UK, and participating in high speed space craft chases – and apologise once again if I have taken up too much of your time.

I eagerly await your response.

Yours sincerely,


I hope they reply this time!

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