Walkers: The Reply

There is nothing I like better than receiving post that is not telling me I have to pay someone money. So imagine my joy when I checked the post today and saw an envelope from the home town of Gary Lineker! It can only be one thing – the reply from Walkers in response to my complaint!

“Dear Mr Goldswain,

Thank you for writing to us.

We are so pleased you have taken the time out to let us know how much you and Bruno like and enjoy our Walkers Sun Ripened Sweet Chilli Flavour SunBites, even though they were so very out of date. We do place the best before codes on all of our products to enable our customers to be able to eat our products whilst at their best, i.e. before the end of best before date.

However it was great to hear from you, all feedback is important to us. I will be sharing your valued comments with our Marketing Team as I know they are always eager to learn what people think of our products.

Thanks again for writing and I hope you will continue to enjoy our products for many years to come. I have attached a free product voucher, so that you can treat Bruno to another pack of Walkers SunBites.”

I loved this! Despite not telling me whether I was going to die or not, they did still answer in a somewhat humourous tone. I particularly enjoyed their use of the full product name to mirror our letter.

And here is what we got!

Thanks Walkers!

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