We wrote to Sainsbury’s because they overcharged me £1.70

I had a moment of shock recently when I visited my local Sainsbury’s to buy a lunchtime £3 meal deal, and found I had actually been charged £4.70. Bruno then had to inform me that if you use the self-service checkout, you have to finish scanning, go to pay, then press go back before the discount is applied. Seems intuitive right? A quick google search has found I am not alone in being caught out by this.

Well I am not one to stand by and let such things happen (except on the day it happened where I left instead of questioning it in person as I got nervous), so I thought I would take this to the top by writing to Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury’s.

Here is the letter (click to enlarge):

Dear Justin King CEO, Reigning King of Sainsbury’s,

I am writing for your assistance in settling a debate I am having with my work colleague, Bruno.

I recently visited one of your Sainsbury’s stores in order to purchase a “meal deal” during my lunch break, and used one of your fancy self-service tills. Despite the items I purchased being displayed at a price of £3 for the deal, I found that I was paying £4.70 to enjoy my sandwich, snack and beverage. Apparently you don’t get the deal unless you press “go back” before paying, else you pay full price. Which seems logical, right?

I was in your store with Bruno, who was pretty convinced this was an error on your part, and that your checkout was trying to con me out of £1.70. I just can’t believe it to be true. It is worth mentioning at this stage Bruno is often paranoid about being overcharged by large corporations, and once scaled the Tesco headquarters dressed as Dr Who in protest, as he thought he had been overcharged for a tin of baked beans with sausages.

I tried to reason with him Justin, I really did. He doesn’t understand the problems people have with carrying so much change around in their pockets, and that your service is just trying to alleviate the issue. Last month alone I went through 3 pairs of trousers because all the extra coins I had as a result of our country’s recent economic boom were making holes in my pockets. So along you came, King Justin of Sainsbury’s, the public’s Knight in Shining Armour, to unburden us of our extra money by slyly overcharging your customers for their lunch at the self-service checkout.

The problem we have with people like Bruno, is that they just don’t understand this modern world and the steps large companies have to take to ensure the common people (plebs) are kept in check. I have a suggestion which I think will change the Sainsbury’s business model forever. I think we should be applying various illogical tests, just like the self-service checkout test, to other items in the store. This way, sceptics like Bruno will understand the process better, as struggling with arbitrary challenges in store will be just a normal part of their shopping experience.

Just imagine how exciting your shopping would be! Want a pint of milk? You have to complete a quick maths test first. Want to buy some bread? You have to enter a singing competition to even get the chance. Fancy some chorizo for dinner? You have to take a “what Disney character are you” quiz and get the answer “Aladdin” first. The possibilities are endless!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my suggestions Justin, and that the team at head office can get together and implement some of these changes.

Yours Sincerely,


PS: Any chance I could get my £1.70 back? Cheers buddy.

Get back to me Sainsbury’s!

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